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GolfChip Challenge is developed by Danish Golfpro Rene Wiesel.

Here is his ideas about the game:

The philosophy behind Golfchipchallenge is Play2Learn

When learning new things or developing motorskills the human brain is constructed to help us learn fast if we play with things instead of trying to do something right and correct. Self development requires that we have a goal or a target and that it is challenging and a struggle to get there.

In Golfchipchallenge net and targets gives you exactly that, something to aim for and a net to restrict your options and making it a challenge. You can play it like a tennisgame where you have an opponent on the other side, in that way every shot counts and is played from a new position.

You immediately get feedback on what could have been different but you cant do anything about it other than learn from it and cut the connection to it because the next shot is a new shot demanding something else.

The shortgame in golf is perhaps the most demanding part of golf and therefore the most valuable place to seek improvement when it comes to scoring. The distance you have to carry the ball and the best spot to land it is a vital skill to have. When it has been learned in a fun and playfull environment, the chance it helps you on the course is enormous.

Golfchipchallenge can be played by the official rules or you can make up your on litlle games and competitions, use your imagination and create original and funny challenges to overcome, the important part is to have fun and play2learn.

Set it up anywhere and challenge your friends to play, in the golfclub, at home, at school, at the beach or in a park, anywhere…;-)

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